FRS Officers

Daryl Eber, M.D. President
Steven DePrima, M.D. President-Elect
Patricia Mergo, M.D., FACR Treasurer
Douglas Hornsby, M.D. Secretary
Nicholas Hatton, M.D. Past President

Contact Information:

Steve Hunter Executive Director

Lorraine Roger Society Administrator

FRBMA Officers

Jeff Younger, MHA, FACHE, FRBMA - President
Barbara Rubel, - MBA, FRBMA - President-Elect
Sharon Martineau - Secretary
Al Falco MBA, FRBMA - Treasurer
Ed Goodemote, Ph.D., RN - Past President

Contact Information:

LaDonna Nichols

Florida Radiology Business
Management Association
1 Key Capri 712 East
Treasure Island, FL 33706

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FRS President’s Message…

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Florida Radiological Society (FRS) website. The website has been re-designed to meet the needs of our organization by providing useful, accurate and up-to-date information to you.

The Florida Radiological Society was formed in 1977 and its purpose is those of the American College of Radiology, advancing the science of radiology, improving radiologic service to patients and the medical community, and studying the economics of radiology; the encouragement of improved and continuing education for radiologists; and the establishment and maintenance of high medical and ethical standards in the practice of radiology.

I would encourage all Diagnostic Radiologists, Radiation Oncologists and Medical Physicists to join the American College of Radiology and to join the ACR State Chapter, the Florida Radiological Society. For current members I urge you to continue your membership as it is now more important than ever to support your specialty.

Daryl Eber, MD
President,  Florida Radiological Society


FRBMA President’s Message

Welcome to the Florida Radiology Business Management Association (FRBMA) and Florida Radiological Society (FRS) website.

We have for decades made a collaborative effort to keep you up to date with our rapidly changing Radiology community. As a team of Radiologist and Business Managers we have a strong bond in the State of Florida, as we work together to maintain excellence in care while strengthening the doctor and patient care in our communities and state in which we serve.

Communication is key to our success and Radiology, if you are a Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) member then you are a FRBMA member, contact us to activate your State membership.

Sincerely serving,
Jeff Younger, MHA, FACHE, FRBMA
President,  Florida Radiology Business Management Association