ACR 2024 Annual Meeting

April 13-17, 2024
Washington Hilton
1919 Connecticut Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20009

The ACR 2024 Annual Meeting will take place at the Washington Hilton, April 13-17. This meeting will continue the celebration of an ACR milestone – 100 years of quality, integrity, leadership, and innovation. In addition, ACR 2024 provides an opportunity to take part in Council business meetings, Council elections, section-specific programming, the ACR Convocation, caucus meetings, CME programming and more!

RLI Learning to Lead Bootcamp 2024
Brought to you by the Radiology Leadership Institute®

The RLI is proud to partner with the FRS & FRBMA to provide a sample of the Learning to Lead Bootcamp at the 2024 FRS Chapter Meeting. If you’re interested in more training and tools geared for newly  promoted leaders, check out the spring RLI Learning to Lead Bootcamp at 

ACR 2025 Annual Meeting

May 4-7, 2025

ACR 2026 Annual Meeting

May 3-6, 2026